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An interview with professor F.L.J. Visseren

Professor Visseren is a medical specialist in Internal and Vascular Medicine at the UMC Utrecht. With his research team he investigates the role of adipose tissue in the development of cardiovascular disease. Besides, he is interested in the consequences of large clinical trials at patient-level. “What is the advantage of a novel treatment for this specific patient? What can he/she expect? That individual aspect does not get enough attention at this moment.”

An interview with MD PhD P.J. Lansberg

Right after completing his medical degree, in the eighties, MD PhD Peter Lansberg started doing research in the field of lipids. He initiated the development and launch of a national network of lipid-clinics, and treated hundreds, if not thousands patients with lipid disorders. Currently, Peter Lansberg works as a lipid specialist in the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, still focusing on the identification and treatment of lipid disorders. One of the diseases he often encounters, is familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).

An interview with P.W. Kamphuisen

Pieter Willem Kamphuisen is professor of internal medicine, specialized in vascular medicine. At this moment he is working at the Tergooi hospital in Hilversum. As physician he sees a lot of patients with increased cholesterol levels. Besides, as professor he performs research at the University Medical Center Groningen, focusing on cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis. Also (inherited) increased cholesterol levels is one of his topics, especially familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).

Based on a large Dutch cohort study, Willem Balder (MD/PhD-student of the University of Groningen) generated age- and gender specific lipid reference values, published in Journal of Clinical Lipidolog.

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LifeLines data

Scientific researchers, from all around the world, can get access to the LifeLines data and samples by filling in a research proposal and paying an access fee. Research proposals will be reviewed by a dedicated scientific board. After approval, some papers need to signed and after which LifeLines will take care of the data access and sample release.

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